Described by The Guardian as “ a phenomenal, dynamic, imaginative. An outstanding pianist.” Abel Marcel has been praised by the Music Republic Magazine as “equally at home with the european and american jazz traditions as he is with his own cuban roots.Abel’s musical language stood and stands for continued fresh and thrilling exploration on steady ground of and deep rootedness in the rhythmic traditions of the Caribbean and Afro Caribbean, the Cuban creative music movement of the 50s and 70s (Renovación Musical), and the lineage of composer-pianists from Manuel Saumell and María Cervantes to Numidia Vaillant and Tania Leon.

An outstanding pianist.”

The Guardian 

A tireless collaborator, and dance lover he has written music for the choreographers Jan Linkens, Judith Sanchez Ruiz and the ballet start Carlos Acosta, remixed recordings of Theodor MilkovDuel Chromatic joined forces with musicians such as  Yuri Buenaventura, David Murray, ChanguitoSaul Williams, Nasheet Waits,  Jorge Reyes, and  and developed interdisciplinary work with Tamara Gispert, Francisco Calderón, Hannah Bates Nueny Herrero, Nadia Reyes