ABEL MARCEL #pianomulato

Described by The Guardian as “ a phenomenal, dynamic, imaginative. An outstanding pianist.” ABEL MARCEL is a musical mastermind and a passionate thinker. A pianist, composer, educator and independent researcher active across multiple musical communities has built himself an identity as a singular and versatile voice, and shape-shifting figure in 21st-century music. He has been praised by the Music Republic Magazine as “equally at home with the european and american jazz traditions as he is with his own cuban roots” 

Abel’s musical language stood and stands for continued fresh and thrilling exploration on steady ground of and deep rootedness in the rhythmic traditions of the Caribbean and Afro Caribbean, the Cuban creative music movement of the 50s and 70s (Renovación Musical), and the lineage of composer-pianists from Manuel Saumell and María Cervantes to Numidia Vaillant and Tania Leon.

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Pianomulato Records is an independent label founded in 2020 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. PIANOMULATO Records were conceived out of a genuine love for Classical Latin American Music and the artists that create it. Abel Marcel, the label’s co-founder, sat at the grand piano in his living room in Havana improvising Bach a Son. In that moment PIANOMULATO was born.

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an exciting mix of classical music with latin influences Chopin has never been so danceable


José Luis Quintana Changuito Abel Marcel Jorge Reyes 


Abel Marcel / Marc Elias / Nasheet Waits


Building Community Blocks

"There is an accumulation of essential truths that would fit on to a hummingbird’s wing and yet they hold the key to civic peace, spiritual elevation, and national greatness … People must live in the natural and inescapable enjoyment of freedom, just as they enjoy light and air ... [and] being educated is the only way to be free."