What they didn't teach you at the music school

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Research suggests that creating music together evolved as a tool of social living. Human’s culture sang and danced to build ❤️ love , community and transmit vital information.

Numerous studies demonstrate that music reduces anxiety and stress, and improves mood and performance. Some research suggests that music enhances our immune system by reducing the stress hormone cortisol.

Researchers found that group singing builds social bonds, strengthening the connections we need for resilience.


Fear of failure: analysis of the perceived learning environment and personal achievement goal orientation.

The current higher educational system places a strong emphasis on performance and achievement that is particularly noticeable in prestigious, highly competitive and selective colleges. The ultimate aim of this is to produce high achieving students that are ready to enter the labor market and be successful in their career. However, recent reports show that college students experience high levels of anxiety, stress, and fear of failure.

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