27 January 2022
20 September 2021

Towards Decolonization of Music and Dance Studies

Abel Marcel Calderon Arias and Hannah Bates reflect upon the roles of dialogue and listening, both with one-another as teacher-student, intellectuals, researchers, musicians and friends, and with a wider circle of interlocutors on their individual research and musical paths.  Through their reflections, they engage with ideas of insider-/outsider-ness, orality versus literacy, and “official” versus erased narratives, and the parts such issues play in applying decolonization to practice.

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22 January 2020
26 September 2019
3 July 2012
19 July 2011



10 December 2017

The Guardian

Ten years ago, when Blanco y Negro first appeared, their combination of Cuban music and Scandinavian jazz seemed an exotic novelty. Now, relaunched with some phenomenal new players, they’re almost mainstream, but by no means run of the mill. The trickiest task is keeping the Latin and jazz elements in balance, and this they manage perfectly.

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1 December 2017

Music Republic Magazine

Stunning Latin jazz album, which raises the bar several feet, and is a welcome return for the acclaimed Cuban-Scandinavian band Blanco y Negro. “Timbero” showcases 10 sparkling tracks, penned by various members of the band.

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20 July 2016
18 July 2016

London Jazz News

Young pianist Abel Marcel stood and stands for continued fresh and thrilling exploration on steady ground of and deep rootedness in Afro-American jazz tradition (from the south).

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