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Abel Marcel:

A kind of Hendrix into the pure Cuban Piano Style of


What's about Abel Marcel piano style and his personal vibe that he delivers through his every time "magical" performances?

Robert C. Díaz

No one knows what is it all about...However, once you've sat and it tries up "follow", note by note, what he's playing... wow!!! it is absolutely amazing... a plenty of different visual effects starts to compliment the spiral echo of living sound cycle and music (as drops of delirium) coming on as a waterfalls of chords and funnies piano funky-jazzy phrases ... it's a pure syncopated melodic rhythm in counterpoint ... it's quite difficult to stick it on some puerile and vast rainbow of harmonies so personalized in his own way "to express" the Afro Cuban jazz roots, in which it has been opened his personal style to assume the creative manner of Cuban piano School to be fusion with its full gamma of rhythms and traditions.. It could sound like a pure Cuban and Universal musical ensemble, project coloured by a very exquisite level of compositional and improvisation at the same time...Definitely (I don’t know how many times more I would have to say the same) but the truth is that Abel Marcel style is just a simple link in the chain of great Cuban pianists, with own styles and versatile at the same time. 

Among other technical marks, on the stage, his pianistic achieves to be described as a full performance of genuine art; a deeply fresh and adventurous journey into the context of the contemporary music, living in it with all of its dramas and passions. Once looking at him, it's like if he'd be diving into the notes along the "glissing" of multi-track diatonic harmonies as part of his performance, able to bringing it back the same like the natural and chromatic flavour similar to be seeing a kind of Jimi Hendrix sitting at the piano. It may not get much better than this. I personal strive to reach deep into the tradition of styles; it is there where you find the true spirit behind the music and then you can truly deliver a moment in time when something was spoken on the instrument and Joy & Love will be felt every time it's seen. Can You Feel It?? 

So, listening and enjoying his natural talent and virtuosism and let the music play it. Because, no matter what or which kind of stuff he's playing, once his fingers are posed on piano, surely, it will find out an intension of feelings with a random and delicate inspiration, like a multicolor butterfly flirting among the pistils of flowers, bounding and blowing from his fingers’ dialogue over the keys. It could be something defined like a perfect marriage between heart, ears and dreams, that's it!!! Is there anyone that really wants more?

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