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I'm available in-person at my Rotterdam Studio or virtual sessions everywhere.

Hi my name is Abel Marcel, Music education it's one of my passion. I started to play piano when I was seven and since them well...

I had a terrible accident when I was 16, which make me think I will not play ever again, however that's the first time I met Resilience, even if I didn't know what that means back them.

My expertise goes from Classical, Jazz World and Pop

Meet the future of what piano education could be.

Every lesson include:

- Routine for a week
- A MiniBook with full access to the Play-Along Tracks




Towards Decolonization of Cuban Music

Music education is one of my passions, and teaching children and young people is without a question a very important and rewarding aspect in the career of an educator.  

I have been working as an educator for the last 18 years. I realized that there aren’t many world music rhythms books for children and young adults, and this is a miss-representation of our musical heritage and our rich and diverse culture. 

Having a classical and popular music background, I thought about creating a triptych of three piano pieces for children blending classical music with Latin rhythms. This will raise my hopes that younger generations of musicians acquire a deeper understanding of those genres, while broadening their music knowledge spectrum. 

In order to produce this project, I am asking you to pledge for future generations to have a new outlet of opportunities.  By supporting this effort you will receive a free copy of the printed book, autographed and delivered to your door (with a minimum pledge of €30 and EU only), or a Digital copy, if you live outside the EU. +shippincost ???? 

My team and I will be very grateful to count with your generosity and support. Thank you for caring about childrens heritage music education, and thank you for understanding the importance of maintaining our cultural heritage and traditions. Whether you are a musician or not, you are just helping a noble cause that will help others in the quest for musical knowledge and advancement.  

Private companies can sponsor this project too.  Inbox me for details on how to show your promotion online.